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It is possible to use on tube laminates digital & conventional printing methods, even
both combined in one print run. So the advantages of each printing method can be combined for the manufacture of one product, e.g. a tube. To reach high gloss premium effects we use silver stamping or we print on metalized material.

Combining glossy, matt and semi matt areas will make your product even more appealing.
Tactile elements can be achieved by using special varnishes, applied by screen printing, even in combination with digital printing.

On this page you see a PE / PET laminate combination with a fantastic high gloss silver surface.

Contact us and make your tube a perfect eye-catcher on the shelf.

• Highest Silver Gloss compared to ABL

• Good Barrier Characteristics

• Excellent print results due to very plain surfaces (f.e. PET / PP)

• Very efficient inline laminating process after printing

• All embellishments in only one pass on the printing machine

- Digital, Screen, Gravure, Flexo, Offset

- Hot-/ cold foil stamping , matt / glossy varnish, relief varnish, softtouch, super softtouch

•Clean seaming edges and absolute tightness (inner tape) , and no optic wrinkle formations

• Clean flapper after filling and seaming, colors do not flow or drift away caused by heat

• 360 degrees print / print up to the shoulder

• Lower grammage of the used material but higher stability of the tube

• Excellent pricing due to excellent material components

•Environmental advantages because of less steps during production of the laminate itself

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